CDN Stabilo KST Cotton Wicks

CDN Stabilo KST Cotton Wicks

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Premium quality CDN Wicks - Direct from Germany

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Length: 150mm Pre-Tabbed with 20mm Base

Suitable for use in: Soy wax, Palm wax, Beeswax and Paraffin wax

CDN Stabilo KST are a flat braid wick made out of natural cotton fibres with a paper core for rigidity. They are zinc and lead free and acid resistant. CDN wicks are pre-tabbed and pre-coated for rigidity. Off cuts of wick can be re-tabbed with wick tabs to produce a new wick. Wick Guide: This wick chart is a Guide Only. Different waxes, jar shapes, colour, and fragrance combinations will affect burn diameter, flame & melt pool. Live In Spirit is not responsible for your results being different from our Wick Guide.  Therefore it's imperative you perform your own testing. 

CDN 6 - Burn Diameter 45-50mm CDN 16 - Burn Diameter 70-75mm

CDN 7 - Burn Diameter 50-55mm

CDN 18 - Burn Diameter 75-80mm
CDN 8 - Burn Diameter 55-60mm CDN 20 - Burn Diameter 80-85mm
CDN 10 - Burn Diameter 60-65mm CDN 22 - Burn Diameter 85-90mm
CDN 12 - Burn Diameter 65- 70mm CDN 24- Burn Diameter 90-95mm
CDN 14 - Burn Diameter 65- 70mm CDN 26 - Burn Diameter 95-100mm

 For best performance, you must trim CDN wick to 5mm in length after each burn.


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