Products and Services

Products and Services

A few reasons to stick with fragrance oil

  • Low Cost
  • Some scents are only available with fragrance oil
  • Some people are allergic to essential oil
  • They may have a lower environmental impact. Sometimes several hundred pounds of plants may be needed for a small bottle of essential oil.

Depending on the plant and extraction process, it takes a lot of plant matter to make a small amount of oil. For example, it takes roughly 200 pounds of lavender flowers to produce 1 pound of lavender oil. That is 200 pounds of lavender flowers that could be used for all sorts of other uses such as teas, pillows, and soap additives besides oil extraction. When you buy one pound of essential oil, you are actually purchasing 200 pounds of lavender – but without having to extract the oil yourself.

More detail about Fragrance Oils
As already mentioned, these are synthetic in substance in that they are not formulated directly from plant origin. However, many fragrance oils do contain a high percentage of essential oils.
In general fragrance oils work better in candles than essential oils, the reason being that many are fine tuned for the type of wax, whereas essential oils are fixed in composition.
The important consideration is that fragrance oils are no different to say a high quality designer perfume, so if you are looking for a candle that produces a beautiful fragrance, then this is the oil to use for your candles.
Typical usage is around the 5% to 10% or 50 to 100 grams of oil per 1000 grams of wax.

In order to achieve accurate results and consistency it will be necessary to use accurate digital scales.
Care should be taken to accurately follow instructions when adding fragrance as if the wax is too hot, the fragrance oil can vaporise and in some circumstances ignite. Hot temperatures can also damage the fragrance leading to a different scent.

Note: Whilst blending of fragrance oils is possible, we have not conducted testing and therefore cannot guarantee and results.

About Candle Classes & Candle Workshops

We offer a range of workshops and classes and the list is always expanding.  So make sure you sign up to our newsletter to here more about the news products and services we add throughout the year. Our classes will not be dry, boring lectures - all classes will be hands-on and interactive. Our classes are designed for conscious-friendly people wanting to make the change to using natural based products, which are environmentally friendly and won’t break the bank.

100% Soy Candles, Tealights and Oil Buner Melts

We offer an excellent beginner class that will show you how to make your own candles. A Soy candle you typically buy for $30 you will learn to make for under $5.00!!! Making Soy candles at this price can quickly become a business and a way to make a small income. That's why we provide you with ongoing 'Candle Business' support. This consultation and support provides all the tips and know how to grow a small candle business.

Taking the class you will learn about:

  • The different types of Soy candle waxes
  • The dangers of paraffin candles
  • The equipment and supplies needed
  • The various techniques used to make different styles of candles
  • Choosing the correct wick for the job
  • How to choose the right mould and fragrance load for the job
  • Wicking your moulds
  • Unmolding
  • Finishing touches
  • Just how much money you can save by making your own soy candles and how to start up a Candle Busines

Sign up to a Candle Making Class today! You'll be glad you did!

Special note - Due to the success of our classes there are others who have copied our class format and web content.  So please dont be mislead thinking it sounds the same, because you wont get the same experience.



Private Groups & Kids Parties:

These parties vary in price depending on number of attendees and type of event.  We can customise a package to suit any budget so dont be afraid to ask.

Please request a quote by emailing us the type of event and number of attendees and three preferred dates in order of preference.