Scented Reed Diffusers

Scented Reed Diffusers

Scented Reed Diffusers

Live In Spirit is a website we use primarily for workshop bookings.  We do not keep stock up to date on this site.

Our main website for all supplies and products is

Glassware Imports is our main online store for all Candles, Diffuser & Room Spray supplies. You will find:

-A much larger variety of product

-A much larger variety of shipping options

-A much larger variety of price points

-Much easier website to navigate

Moving forward we would encourage you to use Glassware Imports for all your online orders.


125ml Plastic PET Bottle

Room Spray 125ml PET Bottle in packs of 10 or 100 Options:

Closer size is 24410 

Colour selection: Amber, Black or White



Black Lid 24410

Lid suitable for 24410 opening. Suitable for fragrances, Linen Sprays, Rubbing Alcohol etc opening.

Sold in packs of 10 or 100.



Collars for diffuser Bottles

Add some style to your diffuser bottle by adding a collar.



Cube Diffuser Glassware

Cube Diffuser Glassware - Comes will plastic plug.

Add a collar for extra styling.




Diffuser Reeds

Fibre Diffuser Reeds -30cm in length.  

10 reeds per pack/bundle (1 Bundle = 10 sticks)

These are material/fibre diffuser reeds (not bamboo). Which means you can easily trim if needed. They also provide a superior scent through with little to no need to flip them over.

No hassel, No mess, No fuss.



Reed Diffuser Oil Base

Premium long lasting Reed Diffuser Oil Base

Reed Diffuser Oil Base -Do it yourself Scented Reed Diffusers. Buy Reed Diffuser Oil Base online at Live In Spirit. DIY your own Scented Reed Diffuser and SAVE!



Rice Paper Flower


Give your diffuser a new lease of life with these Inspired Blooms from Glassware Imports. Beautifully crafted by hand from plants grown in the rice fields.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a flower could last forever? Well,this flower does! Made out of special biodegradable materials, Ithese Reed Diffuser Flowers are an everlasting flower that works like a reed diffuser.

No hassel, No mess, No fuss.

The raw matieral is grown in rice fields. When removing the bark of the tree a glossy white stalk appears. It is cut into thin slice by the skillful hands of an artisan. These slices are dried and they become the petals of these flowers which are made one by one.