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Sage Leaf Fragrance Oil

Sage Leaf A wonderful fragrance reminiscent of fresh herbal sage leaves. Great for use by itself or for creative mixing. Potpourri & Incense use 50% max, Bath Oils, Soaps, Bath Gels use 5% max



Sandalwood & Amber Fragrance Oil

Sandalwood & Amber Fragrance Oil



Sea Salt Caramel Fragrance Oil

Sea Salt Caramel Fragrance Oil



Sex On the Beach Fragrance Oil

Sex On the Beach Fragrance Oil Candle, Soap & Lotion safe



Shea Butter

Shea Butter - Refined      Size Option: 500g, 1kg & 5kg

Soft white/ivory butter obtained from the shea nut kernel. Excellent emollient and sun proptection additive. Melting point 30-34\'C. Lasting protection from harsh weather conditions. Soothes and stimulates the appearance of the skin. Good for all skin types especially dry skin.

INCI: butyrospermum parkii



Soap Colour for Melt & Pour

Non Bleeding Colour

Also suitable for Cold press soap making



Soap Making Starter Pack

Melt & Por Soap Making Starter Pack with Melt & Pour Bases

All of our Melt and Pour Soaps have been especially created to be extremely soothing for the skin. They are made without any animal fats, and are not tested on animals. Considering the many bar soaps available at your local retail stores, customised M&P soap is often better for your skin and more inexpensive in comparison. This amazing soap also has the capability to be melted and re-melted without losing any of its quality.

This kit provides all the raw materials you need to make approximately 20 x 50g round soap bars.


  • Double Boiler
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Spatulas
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Digital Scales



Soy Candle Colour Blocks

Dye blocks
Highly concentrated VEGETABLE BASED dye blocks suitable for soy and palm waxes.
Blocks measure 5cm x 3cm

One block can colour up to 10kg of wax with light shades or and will colour 5kg of wax to a medium shade. 





Soy Candle Making Class

The Professional Soy Candle Making Class. 

Look no further - You have found the most comprehensive Soy Candle Making Class in Australia.  Here at Live In Spirit we've now taught in excess of 6000 people over 8 years, the fine art of candle making and we're still going strong.  We have a custom built workshop specifically for the teaching environment which makes it convenient and comfortable for our attendees.  And if you decide to buy supplies after the class we have a fully stocked shop on the premises.  By taking this workshop a Soy candle you typically buy for $30 you will learn to make for under $5.00!!! Making Soy candles at this price can quickly become a business and way to make a small income. 

To view class dates, availability and a detailed description of the workshop please Click Here



Stainless Steel Lid - Medium

Medium Stainless Steel - secures with rubber seal for use with Medium Republic Range & Fifth Avenue Range
Size 88mm       Available colours: Copper, Silver, Black, 
1 = $2.50
12 per box = $2.08ea

For larger quantities please visit



Stainless Steel Lid - Small

Stainless Steel - secures with rubber seal for use with Small Republic Range & Fifth Avenue Range

Available colours: Copper, Silver, Black, 
Size 72mm
1 = $2.00
12 per box = $1.80ea

For larger quantities please visit




Pack of 100 stickums for $5.00