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Macchiato & Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil - Premium Grade

Macchiato & Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil - Enjoy a soothing expresso fix without the coffee. This macchiato promises a tantalizing journey of layers. Velvety-smooth vanilla foam with earthy Caramel tones. A perfectly pulled shot of bold espresso. 

Top Notes:                              Butterscotch, Coconut Cream

Middle Notes:                         Coffee, Caramel Syrup

Base Notes:                             Vanilla, Tonka Bean



Melt & Pour Soap Bases

Melt & Pour Soap Bases - Only available in 1kg.

All of our Melt and Pour Soaps have been especially created to be extremely soothing for the skin. They are made without any animal fats, and are not tested on animals. Considering the many bar soaps available at your local retail stores, customised M&P soap is often better for your skin and more inexpensive in comparison. This amazing soap also has the capability to be melted and re-melted without losing any of its quality.

Only available in 1kg.





Metal Wick Holders

These speciality wick bar holders will be your best friend. Keep your wicks perfectly centered and pulled tight. This metal wick bar is great for containers and can be used in most size containers. The slots on top allow the wick to slide in and be held firmly. Will work in any container 9.5cm or less.



Multi-Purpose Melt Moulds

An easy, no fuss way to make soy Oil Burner Melts. Simply pour into the clear plastic container for instant packaging. Snap off one cube an place in your oil burner. hold approx 65-85 gms This product is suitable for: 1. A great way to make Oil Burner Melts. Simply pour our soy into the clear plastic container for instant packaging. Simply pop out the wax when dry and put straight into the top of your oil burner. 2. Use for Single use body scrubs 3. Use for Soap