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Demineralised Water for Room Sprays

Demineralised Water for Room Sprays

4 Litres for $12.00



Diffuser Reeds

Fibre Diffuser Reeds -30cm in length.  

10 reeds per pack/bundle (1 Bundle = 10 sticks)

These are material/fibre diffuser reeds (not bamboo). Which means you can easily trim if needed. They also provide a superior scent through with little to no need to flip them over.

No hassel, No mess, No fuss.



Digital Scales

Great set of scales which measure in 1gm increments up to 5000gms.



Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil

Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil 

Suitable Applications

Candle/Room Spray to 10%, Diffusers up to 25%, Soap to 5%,

Flash Point 75c Degrees