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Baby Powder Fragrance Oil

White lilies, vanilla, amber and ivory musk make this a powdery fragrance!!



Basic Kit 1

Image is not a reflection of actual items in starter pack.  Soy candle making instructions are not included.
A Basic beginner Soy Candle Making Kit will make 16 small container candles.

Make up the 8 candle containers candles provided, enjoy the amazing experience of burning such beautfult products and you will have enough left over supplies to make them over again.  Please click here for more detail.



Basil Lime & Mandarin Fragrance Oil

Lime, Basil & Mandarin
A popular Jo Malone fragrance with top notes of lime,
mandarin orange and bergamot; middle notes are basil,
caraway, lilac and iris; base notes of patchouli.
Lotion/Body safe, Soap safe up to 4%



Bath Bomb Starter Kit

Bath Bomb Starter Pack

The starter kit comes with detailed instructions, mixing bases, fragrance and moulds you need to make 8 x 100g Bath Bombs.



Beeswax Beads Wax

Beeswax Beads -cosmetic grade wax

Beeswax can be added to a wide variety of cosmetic formulations including lip balms, body butters, moisturisers and ointments.  Typical use levels in a lip balm are between 5-15%,   Ointments  0.1-2% add to the oil phase



Bergamot Blossom Fragrance Oil

Bergamot Blossom Fragrance Oil

Fresh, crisp and finishes with sweet orange

Candel, Soap & Lotion safe



Bicarbonate Soda

Sodium Bicarbonate – is a natural mineral salt that softens the water. Soft water is gentle on your skin, and bathing in water softened by bicarbonate will make your skin silky-smooth after every bath.

Otherwise known as Baking Soda, it's an alkali that produces carbon dioxide when mixed with acids. When used in combination with citric acid, you can make fizzy bath salts and bombs. It soothes the skin while it gently cleans. Other uses can be used in body powder as a deodoriser or carpet freshener. INCI: Sodium Bicarbonate



Black Lid 24410

Lid suitable for 24410 opening. Suitable for fragrances, Linen Sprays, Rubbing Alcohol etc opening.

Sold in packs of 10 or 100.



Black Tea & Lychee Fragrance Oil

Black Tea & Lychee Fragrance Oil

Black tea leaves infused with the sweet exotic scent of the lychee fruit.

Candle, Soap & Lotion