About Christian Troconis

About Christian Troconis

About Christian Troconis

Christian first started out as an airline pilot but later found his calling in serving others through spiritual work. Christian is originally from Caracas, Venezuela (South America), where he successfully ran a Holistic Healing centre for over 30 years.

Over the years Christian has become quite renown for his expertise and abilities in removing all forms of Generational curses, psychic attack, evil eye or any form of black magic and sorcery. However in addition to this, he holds the following certifications in Venezuela, which allows his services to cover a wide range of disciplines and modalities using the latest technology available.

  • Homeopathy
  • Iridology
  • Live Blood Analysis (Nutritional Microscopy, Darkfield Microscopy, Dry Blood Analysis).
  • Geobiology / Geopathic Stress (Assessment and inspection of your house, office, etc.).
  • Radionics & Dowsing
  • Kirlian Photography
  • Biofeedback Entrainment
  • Psychic Consultant and Holistic Healer
  • Numerology Profiles

Christian found his way to Melbourne Australia when he met and married his Australian wife in 2014, and they now reside in Melbourne, Australia.




Radionics Consultation

Here at Life Force Therapy we offer a wide range of modalities that can enhance your wellbeing. There really is a solution for every problem.

At Life Force Therapy we firmly believe:

  • Illness occurs if the body is out of balance and energy depleted.
  • The body can heal itself and maintain a healthy state if given the right conditions and adequate support.
  • The whole person should be treated, not just the disease or the symptoms.

We can help and assist with:

  • Bringing clarity and comfort to relationship issues or worries.
  • Revealing and healing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blockages.
  • Removal of generational curses, psychic attack, evil eye or any form of black magic and sorcery.
  • Clearing the way for you to achieve your fullest potential to be successful in your work or personal life.
  • And a lot more...

For more detailed information please review www.lifeforcetherapy.com.au