Kaiser Liquid Dye

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Kaiser Liquid Dye

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All new - Kaiser Liquid Dye  colour system is a concentrated dye used for colouring of candle wax for container candles. It will produce a strong, brilliant, shiny colour. Kaiser candle colour have good burning behaviour and good colour stability.

Recommended usage: 0.1%-0.2% by weight. (1 gram = approximately 20 drops)

Using 0.1% dye equates to 2 gm of liquid dye for 2kgs of wax. (1 gm = approx 20 drops)

Please note: To achieve very dark colours you need to use .4% usage. Keep adding drops until the desired colour is reached. You will then need to test burn to see if you require a bigger wick

25ml bottle comes with eye dropper and 100ml bottle comes with dripulator plug.

Add dye to melted wax & stir through until completely dissolved

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