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We close promptly at times listed above, so last orders are 15 minutes before closing time.  

Closed all public holidays, unless otherwise advised.

Candle Making Supplies

Live In Spirit is a website we use primarily for workshop bookings.  We do not keep stock up to date on this site.

Our main website for all supplies and products is

Glassware Imports is our main online store for all Candles, Diffuser & Room Spray supplies. You will find:

-A much larger variety of product

-A much larger variety of shipping options

-A much larger variety of price points

-Much easier website to navigate

Moving forward we would encourage you to use Glassware Imports for all your online orders.

Candle Moulds & Tea Lights
Candle Wax
Candle Wicks
Candle Making Equipment
Candles Dyes
Candle Glassware
  SKU Product Our Price
SKU17741 1 Litre Plastic Pouring Jug $8.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU177411 250ml Plastic Cup $4.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU177352 5 Hour Aluminium Tea light Cups & wicks $10.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU17743 600g Stainless Steel Melting Pot $12.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU17745 60ml Measuring Cup $3.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU1773531 9 Hour Aluminium Tealight Cups & Wicks $15.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU17827 Additional Shipping $7.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU177231 CDN Stabilo KST Cotton Wicks $3.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU17735331 Clear Polycarbonate tealight cups $25.00
including GST 10.00 %
SKU177451 Digital Scales $24.95
including GST 10.00 %
SKU1774511 Electric Double Burner $64.95
including GST 10.00 %
SKU177331011 Kaiser Liquid Dye $15.00
including GST 10.00 %